What We Do

We have the opportunity to create an experience for athletes to develop, compete and discover their passion for the great sport of football and cheerleading.


Each participant has the opportunity to grow their skills and achieve their best possible performance. With experienced coaching, we provide the encouragement to help our players find a healthy approach to meet and beat their goals.


Our core values define our interactions on and off the field. We promote self-respect, discipline, sportsmanship, and fair play.


Beyond teamwork on the field, we are committed to creating a culture that starts lifelong friendships. Through outreach and events, we’re proud to be an active part of our local community, too.

News & Updates

See You Next Year!

THANK YOU all for an amazing 2022 season! Look for Fall 2023 registration to open Superbowl weekend in February.

A  couple highlights were our 9U Gold Falcons team making it to the SuperBowl and placing 2nd in their division, as well as all 4 Competitive Cheer teams clinching their bids to State (1st weekend in Dec), as well as record breaking numbers in our Flag and Spirit Cheer programs. It’s amazing how this community comes together for the love of these sports!

We are also very proud of all of our former players who made it to quarterfinals this season. Maine South lost a hard fought game to the Hilltoppers. Our Hawks played hard-nosed football from the first snap of every game this playoff run. It is a trait that is proudly passed down from every #MSFB team to its next year’s successor.

Our volunteer Board of Directors are already preparing for next year, including the ordering of hundreds of new Riddell helmets, shoulder pads and uniforms for an expected 2000 youth athlete turnout.

Beyond those tasks, we could use more help as either a Director or active volunteer in:

– Equipment Managment
– Schedule Management
– League Division Management
– Referee Management
– Marketing & Communications
– Accounting & Bookkeeping

If you or someone you trust with the Community’s Non-Profit for Football and Cheer wants to get involved in a leadership capacity with our Board, just let one of us know.

We thank all of you for your continued support of our 55 year old Park District-affiliated programs!


Below is the link to our organization’s 2022 dedicated e-coupon that can be used throughout the season (valid until 1/31/23), in stores




We are excited to open up Fall Registration for:

Spirit Cheer

Flag Football

Falcons Travel Tackle Football

*Fall Competitive Cheer evaluations will take place in May. Stay tuned!

Registration for the Fall 2022 season is opening Super Bowl weekend. Like the NFL, College and High School levels, we do not play a Spring season due to player-safety concerns.

Come join and compete against the best student-athletes in the Chicagoland area in BGYFL this Fall where you’ll see kids play that will soon be starting at perennial football powerhouses such as Marist, Naperville Central, Brother Rice, Montini, and Glenbard West. Many of these kids go onto play for State 🏈 Championships under the IHSA like our 2021 Maine South Hawks Football, not just play in showcases, pay-to-play camps or during Florida vacations for kids who mature earlier than others.

Evaluations for either our D1 Gold (Elite) or D2 Silver (Competitive) Falcons travel levels from 8U to 13U (no high schoolers allowed) begin Aug 1st and end Aug 4th, and will be led by Rob Leach and Bret Brania. On Aug 5th, coaches will let each player know which team they were selected for based on their position, experience and tryout. Flag football is now our only House football program, for several years now, so no player evaluations are needed to play on one of those ~75 teams.

Remember that we will continue to provide chances for each player to earn their positions and get game-time repetitions based on their merit, we will teach them how to trust each other, we will continue to develop each player based on their skills now and work towards their future potential, including ensuring minimum play and sportsmanship standards, and of course leverage our MSFB base playbooks, schemes, and experiences as well as USA Football guidelines and drills to prepare your child to flow seamlessly into their own high school football program.

We hope you chose to be part of our 55 year old traditions and proven success!


Be Part of the Action!

Park Ridge Sports, Inc. is a local non-profit youth football and cheerleading organization.

We are committed to providing our community with amazing youth football and cheerleading programs devoted to positive coaching and developing a love of the game.

Our programs are funded primarily through the registration fees paid by participants, which is why we ask for, and greatly appreciate sponsorship donations.

Display your community pride, defray the cost of uniforms and equipment, and advertise your business.

Click here become a sponsor



We are very proud of our 3 Park Ridge Competitive Cheer teams (Senior, Junior & Mini) for seizing the opportunity to earn a STATE BID and advance to the ICA STATE Cheerleading Championships on Dec 3rd – 5th!

It is with great excitement and energy that Park Ridge Sports, Inc. announces that our Park Ridge Falcon Travel Tackle Program will be joining the Bill George League (BGYFL) beginning in the Fall of 2021.

• Well established 58 year old youth travel tackle football league
• Comprised of 22 highly competitive youth travel tackle football programs predominately from the Northwest and Western suburbs
• There are two competitive Divisions offered
• Each Division has 6 levels of play – 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, JV, and Varsity
• No high school players allowed or trips to Florida
• Each level of play has weight restrictions (striper weights) to promote safety and allow players to play with their classmates
• BGYFL is a no cut league – meaning everyone has a place to play
• There will be regional playoffs and Super Bowls at every level

We are looking forward to opening registration on April 30th for ALL our Fall programs as your 54 yr old Park Ridge Park District affiliate for Flag, Cheer and Tackle Football.

BGYFL Announcement

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Park Ridge Football
Our 2022 Thanksgiving story is about Coach Zaro, who coached a young Zak Stoilov (and many other future stars) back in our Flag and Tackle programs, well before he started Varsity as a Soph this season at #MSFB. Coach Zaro volunteered his time and gave his all to teaching boys the game of football here at #PRFB. His name is Tsvetozar Stoilov, and he grew up in Bulgaria and learned to play football in Europe with NO Equipment. None. American football was new and exciting then, and soon after his playing days he became the Sofia Lions Coach & President. Think of a young George Halas…in Europe. So long story short, Coach Zaro asked back then our President Dave Marquardt for any used equipment that we could donate to his beloved Bulgarian Football Association, with the support of Sofia Bears Chairman Alexander Kenanov, pictured below. So finally and after we purchased 150 new Riddell Speed Flex and Victor helmets and 200 Riddell shoulder pads this off-season for Fall 2023, we were able to give them approx: 100 helmets, 40 shoulder pads, 70 jerseys, plus pants, belts, and socks to go with 8 practice dummies to help them develop their players. As a 55 year old Nonprofit, we have limited money to help others outside of our own programs - now with over 1700 youth athletes. Still, we know how truly blessed we are in our own football community and in the BGYFL, so our Board was more than happy to “give back” for Coach Zaro some older equipment and uniforms to a place where his passion started over 5000 miles away. Thank you again Coach Zaro for your love and passion for this game - you clearly have made a difference in so many athletes lives. We hope you and your family enjoy this #ThanksgivingDay - play or watch some 🏈 with your family and friends, no matter where you are today! 🇺🇸🦃🇧🇬 ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Park Ridge Football
“For the Neighborhood” is a #MSFB phrase that couldn’t better be used than to describe our 2022 Park Ridge Football & Cheer Scholarship recipient Noah Collins. As a leader on the field and off it, most notably with his annual blood drive, we’ve watched him grow and develop into a great young man. Good luck #92 as you enter the next chapter of your life! ... See MoreSee Less
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Park Ridge Football
BGYFL is the BEST travel football league in Chicagoland because any game can be won, any play can be made on a bigger-than-life local high school stadium field, when our youngest 8-9 yr old kids with wide eyes and fresh faces across Park Ridge and nearby communities come together as Falcons to make the memories and friendships of a lifetime. For over 55 years, we are proud to feed our #MSFB and we congratulate them on reaching the IHSA playoff “quarters” once again. Thank you Coach Inserra and your staff on leading and developing these athletes once they get to our high school. While Turkey Bowls will spring up next week, we are happy to put away our whistles, bring back the equipment for recertification, and rest our athlete’s joints and muscles by letting them play in different sports until next summer’s travel 🏈 player evals. Finally, we know a lot of parents in our area are either over-zealous or over-invested in their child - and most of our veteran coaches and nonprofit board members understand how to put safety, development, sportsmanship and winning together in a season. We’ve stopped the out-of-control coaching that once over-stressed a child’s uniforms, individual success, outside recruiting, parent cliques, and social media peer comparisons over learning about teamwork and perseverance, adopting a healthy and active lifestyle, and, most importantly having fun and making friends. Still, too many parents are living vicariously thru their kids. Please, please let your kids forge their own path. It’s their confidence and self-esteem vs an unlikely scholarship at stake. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.Just remember what got us here - our traditions and values that most families still remember and respect. ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Park Ridge Football
Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. Thank you Falcons players, coaches and parents for an amazing 2022 season! Good luck to our 3 teams of 8th graders as you play at the #NextLevel next year. See you Sat at 6 PM at Wilson Field to root on #MSFB Hawks vs Hitters. ❤️🦅🖤#FalconsFlywithHawks #PRFB #ParkRidgeProudm.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR2-u_KyGlcBnuv5aL2ZKf4QoV3F3Nxtjxq3LLdIPqaZNatJIHlw6LRD_OM&v=rTCAcw... ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

Park Ridge Football
Multiple sport athletics is still the BEST way to develop an athlete’s full potential while reducing the chances for overuse injuries. Below is a link to the home page of the Maine Eagles Wrestling Club. Established in 1987, the Maine Eagles Wrestling Club trains athletes (K – 8th grade) from Des Plaines, Park Ridge, and surrounding communities in Illinois. Their club is open to athletes of any level and ability from 5 to 14 years old. www.maineeagleswc.com/Whether your child signs up now for wrestling or basketball, #PRFB respects the integrity and leadership of Jerry Swarbrick and his outstanding Maine Eagles Wrestling Club coaches. #FalconsFlywithEagles ... See MoreSee Less
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Park Ridge Football & Cheer Youth Sports Programs


Competitive travel tackle football program that is focused on ensuring all athletes play football, regardless of their ability, with their friends in a fun and safe environment.


This program consists of 5 divisions participating in non-contact flag football with no weight restrictions, no tryouts or drafts, and REQUIRED equal playing time and position rotations.


Your child will walk away with advanced cheerleading skills, high self-esteem, and new friends!  Our competitive cheer program teaches athletes how to achieve goals and be a part of a team.


This program is designed for your child to walk away with good cheerleading fundamentals and new skills, high self-esteem, new friends, and a smile! We are about having fun first!

Coaching & Refereeing


We offer opportunities to individuals who want to volunteer for youth football coaching so they can teach and inspire the student-athletes of Park Ridge Football. Read More…


Be a youth football referee certification and job opportunities for men and women who are looking to start a paid career in officiating the Park Ridge Football games. Read More…

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