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Park Ridge Falcons Travel Football Program Overview & Highlights

The Park Ridge Falcon Travel Football program provides an opportunity for players who want to participate in a highly competitive level of tackle football against the finest competition in the Chicagoland area.
The Park Ridge Falcon Travel Football teams are formed in accordance to age and weight guidelines defined by our affiliation with the Bill George Youth Football League (BGYFL). Teams will participate in an eight (8) to nine (9) game regular season, regional playoffs and Super Bowls at every level for teams that qualify.

The Park Ridge Falcon Travel Football coaches will emphasize teaching fundamental football skills, advanced offensive and defensive schemes, player conditioning, and team building.

In addition, the Park Ridge Falcons Competitive Cheer program leads the enthusiasm of the fans every home game day.

What We Teach Student-Athletes


We teach our players the importance of having respect for all players coaches and referees, as well as following all the rules. 


All our players learn and the importance of how to be a part of a team so that he or she and his or her teammates can all succeed. 


We not only teach our players the importance of hard work to improve but also that it is fun to accomplish the goals they set. 


We teach our young athletes how to be well-mannered individuals on and off the field so they represent our organization with pride.

Park Ridge Falcons Travel Football Program Structure

The Park Ridge Travel Tackle Football teams are formed based on the age and weight classifications established by the Bill George Youth Football League (BGYFL).

During registration, each player is required to provide a copy of their birth certificate and is weighed. We will also need a current sports physical. The Park Ridge Football Board of Directors reserves the right to place players on teams where they can play safely.

Age and Weight Criteria:
BGYFL institutes rules for Age and Weight criteria to give more kids the opportunity to play by allowing them to compete with players closer to their own age and weight.

*Age based on age prior to August 1; Your child will be assigned to a level by AGE, not grade
Varsity level is generally 8th graders, must not be enrolled in high school
9U/4th Grade example: Any player 9 or younger, but no player who turned 10 before August 1 of current calendar year with a “striper” weight of 89 pounds

What is a Striper?
At the age group a player resides in there is a weight that becomes a striper. Using 9U as an example (see graphic below) any player at that level 88lbs and under on week one is eligible to play any position on the field. Any player over 88lbs becomes a striper and has to play on the offensive or defensive lines. Players are then allowed .5 pound growth per week. The stripers have no weight gain restrictions. They wear a stripe on their helmet to identify they are a striper, once you are a striper you stay a striper for the season. Please know that we do not want kids “cutting” a ton of weight for a position. There is no maximum weight for “stripers”. Players have the option to compete at the next level at the discretion of parents/coaches/PRSI board.

Park Ridge Falcons Travel Football Program Details

First Full Week Starts Monday July 31st

2 Days of Practice will be allowed during the week of July 24th:

  • 9U/10U/11U/JV/Varsity-  Thurs 7-27 and Fri 7/28; Coaches will inform Teams of Location and Times
  • All levels will begin evals the week of July 31st. Teams will be announced no later than Aug 13.

Practice Parks:

  • Varsity (Hinkley)- will use NW Park for some practices during the season
  • JV (South Park)
  • 11U (Prospect Park)
  • 9U and 10U (Lincoln Middle School)

The program runs August through early November, with practice during the week. Each coach develops a practice schedule and will update their team individually. Players are expected to attend all practices unless approved by the coach. Evals begin the week of August 1.

The 1st week of practice will be non-contact (played in helmets and shoulder pads only). The remaining practices will be in full equipment.

Prior to the 1st scheduled game, practice will be up to five (5) days per week not to exceed ten (10) hours per week.

Once the season begins, teams will practice up to four (4) days per week not to exceed (8) hours per week.

BGYFL 2023 Regular Season Schedule

All teams will participate in a eight (8) to nine (9) game regular season consisting of home and away games beginning at the end of August and ending in early November. Games are played Labor Day weekend.

We will participate in a Scrimmage in Palatine the weekend of August 19th, 2023.

1st Game is August 26th and August 27th

8 Game Regular Season ending weekend of 10/21 and 10/22

Playoffs are weekends of 10/28 (must qualify and then playoffs are single elimination)

BGYFL Championships (SuperBowl) Finals for 2023 is November 10th – 12th

Games could be Saturday or Sunday. This season we may also have some Monday Night Games at the older levels.

Teams with successful records may participate in up to three (3) additional regional playoff games and Super Bowl championship tournament.

The Park Ridge Travel Falcons play against highly competitive youth travel football teams from the Bill George Youth Football League (BGYFL).

BGYFL Members

All registrants will be placed on a team – Park Ridge Football and Cheer supports a No Player Cut policy

Each Park Ridge Travel Football team with adhere to the minimum play rules defined by the Bill George Youth Football League (BGYFL).


  • All players will be assigned to their Teams by Sunday, August 13th (Some levels will be done with evaluations by Sunday, August 6th)
  • During the first week of August the Head Gold Coach (at each age group) will run 1 full week of practice (they will be allowed up to 5 days for the evaluation week and until school starts, then up to 4 practices a week; 5th grade and under should try to accomplish their needs in 3 days once school starts). Practices should not exceed 2 hours. During the first week all Coaches and players at that age group will practice together, thus ensuring that while evaluating they are getting in shape and practicing also.
  • The goal of the program is to provide the best possible experience to all players.
  • We would like all athletes placed where they can best develop their skill levels, be safe and have fun.
  • We understand and have experienced that Bill George has competitive (extremely competitive) football and wherever a child is placed, they will be playing tough competition for that level.


  • Player must be fitted for league issued equipment prior to evaluations

DATES/TIMES (vary according to age):

Practices & Evals will begin Thursday, July 27th


  • 8U/9U/10U- Lincoln Middle School- 200 S Lincoln Ave, Park Ridge
  • 11U- Prospect Park- 733 N Prospect Ave, Park Ridge
  • JV- South Park- 833 W Talcott Rd, Park Ridge
  • Varsity- Hinkley Park- 25 Busse Hwy, Park Ridge


  • If you have questions prior to evaluations, please email Jim Toulon, Director of Falcons Football, at [email protected]. If you have any questions during evaluations, please direct them to one of the coaches at your level.


All EQUIPMENT PICK UP/FITTINGS (helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants & jersey) will take place at Prospect Park (garage) 733 N Prospect Ave, Park Ridge

Tuesday, July 18th 7-9pm- VARSITY

Wednesday, July 19th 7-9pm- JV

Thursday, July 20th 6:30-8:00pm- 11U

Tuesday, July 25th 7-9pm- 10U

Wednesday, July 26th 7-9pm- 9U

Thursday, July 27th 7-9pm- make ups

Park Ridge Football & Cheer provides each Travel Falcon football player with the majority of the necessary equipment to play football.

Registration cost includes rental of the following:
• NOCSAE certified helmet that is rated best-in-class by the Virginia Tech STAR evaluation system (e.g. Riddell SpeedFlex, Riddell Victor I, Xenith)
• Riddell shoulder pads
• Practice and Game pants
• Practice and Game jerseys
• Game Socks

Park Ridge Falcon Travel Football players are responsible for providing:
• Girdle
• Cleats
• Mouth guard
• Optional: gloves, padded compression shirt

Park Ridge Travel Falcon players will pick up their League issued equipment in late July, and return all of the issued equipment at the end of the season. We will require a post dated check in the amount of $300 made out to “Park Ridge Football” dated November 1st of current year. This is only to ensure we receive our equipment back. Once you turn in the equipment at one of our equipment hand ins, we hand you back your uncashed check. If you have multiple children, you will need multiple deposit checks. In addition, we will need a copy of birth certificate if you are a new player. Equipment will not be handed out without having all items at equipment fittings.

Park Ridge Travel Falcons Football will follow the rule books issued by the Bill George Youth Football League (BGYFL).

Park Ridge Travel Falcons in Action

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