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Competitive Cheer Program Overview & Highlights

Welcome to the Park Ridge Competitive Cheer Program!  We are looking forward to a great season.  Our goal is for your child to walk away with advanced cheerleading skills, high self-esteem, and new friends!  

The summer/fall season will run from July through December.

Park Ridge Competitive Cheerleaders practice twice a week, compete at four competitions and, possibly, the Illinois State Competition, along with cheering at Park Ridge Falcons Football home games.

The spring season runs from April though mid-May.
Please note that priority registration for both seasons alwasy goes to girls currently enrolled in PRC. This is due to the significant time and costs invested invested in the program by the participant.

If you want to learn more about Competitive Cheerleading, click here: What is Competitive Cheer?

What We Teach Student-Athletes


We teach our players the importance of having respect for all players coaches and referees, as well as following all the rules. 


All our players learn and the importance of how to be a part of a team so that he or she and his or her teammates can all succeed. 


We not only teach our players the importance of hard work to improve but also that it is fun to accomplish the goals they set. 


We teach our young athletes how to be well-mannered individuals on and off the field so they represent our organization with pride.

Competitive Cheer Program Structure

Participants must be entering the 2nd grade (up to 8th grade) at the time of registration. It is preferred that the participants have a previous cheer or tumbling experience, but not mandatory. 

The level of commitment and competition may be higher depending on the skill levels of each team, but most importantly we want everyone to have fun!


Senior Team

Junior Team

Mini Team

School Grade

6th – 7th – 8th

4th – 5th

2nd – 3rd

Sideline Cheer

Falcons Football

Falcons Football

Falcons Football






4+ State

4+ State

4+ State

Competitive Cheer Program Details

Park Ridge Competitive Cheer squads will practice twice a week. Practices will begin in July. All practices will be held at Maine Park Leisure Center, 2701 W Sibley St, Park Ridge, IL or Prospect Park- O’Connor Room, 733 N Prospect ave, Park Ridge, IL.

Squads cannot have effective practices or perform successfully with absent participants. Due to the nature of the sport, a practice missed by one cheerleader has a significant impact on the squad; particularly on that cheerleader’s stunt group, who are unable to stunt without every member present. In addition, when the coach must re-teach material to those who have been absent, the whole squad’s practice time suffers.  As a result, attendance at all practices & games is a must.

Practice Attendance Policy: Cheerleaders will be allowed to miss up to three (3) practices from the start of the season through August. The cheerleaders will be allowed to miss up to three (3) additional practices from August until the end of the season in early December. If a participant misses more than the allotted amount of practices, their continued participation in the program will be reviewed and decided upon by their Head Coach and the Director of Cheer.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Practice Attendance Policy please contact the Director of Cheer.

Practice Attire is as follows:  Black t-shirt or tank-top, black shorts, cheer or gym shoes, and hair pulled back.  No jewelry, no candy, no gum.  All cheerleaders should bring a water bottle to practice.

Practice Times will be:

  • Mini Team: 2 evenings per week TBD
  • Junior Team: 2 evenings per week TBD
  • Senior Team: 2 evenings per week TBD


Our Park Ridge Competitive Cheer program is run 100% by volunteers. We cannot be successful without the support and involvement of our parents.  Please consider joining our Team Mom Committee ~ each team has its own committee of 2-3 moms who help with a variety of aspects of the program including fundraising, communication, pictures, social media, and apparel. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Director of Cheer.

Park Ridge Competitive Cheerleaders in Action

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