About Us

Park Ridge Sports, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving football and cheer participants in the Park Ridge area. Our family of programs is recognized regionally as a first-class organization in our community. The organization has delivered thousands of well trained and well-disciplined young athletes to local high schools. These athletes have been seasoned not only in the skills of their sport, but also have learned the essential characteristics of sports competition: Sportsmanship, Work Ethic, and Training. Each program is designed to be both competitive and fun; every season is filled with positive, lifelong memories.

Our Legacy

Founded in 1967 by John Maloney, Sam Donatucci, Joe Kaminsky, Jack Cartland, and Phil Coplis and originally known as Mighty Mite Youth Sports, the organization included football, cheerleading, wrestling, boxing, and gymnastics. As all of these programs began to grow in size and demanded more focused leadership, Park Ridge Sports, Inc. made a strategic decision in the 1980s to focus their efforts on football and cheerleading and to build one of the premier youth football and cheerleading organizations in the Chicagoland area. Park Ridge Football and Cheer, which operates the program, is an affiliate of the Park Ridge Park District, and still upholds Mighty Mites original creed “The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity.”

Our Mission Statement

The Park Ridge Youth Football organization is committed to providing a safe, positive, and nourishing environment where our student-athletes and coaches are afforded the opportunity to develop strength of character, build self-esteem, and realize personal development.  We will do this by creating an atmosphere that:

  • Promotes Self Respect & Discipline
  • Fosters Teamwork & Friendships
  • Teaches Core Fundamentals & Rules of the Game
  • Rewards Sportsmanship & Fair Play
  • Promotes Pride & Leadership
  • Sets an Example of Community Spirit & Good Citizenship

Our goal is to make this the most positive and influential experience that our players and cheerleaders will have.

To our coaches, we ask that you incorporate the ideals of this mission statement into your coaching philosophy and routine. We ask that you respect each other, in all football-related situations and know that you must lead by example and be willing to submit to a higher standard than non-coaches.

Most of all, we want everyone to have fun!

We do it for the kids!

Park Ridge Football and Cheer receive no outside funding beyond what is received from the participant’s fees and some donations. As we move forward in developing the next generation of young athletes, Park Ridge Football and Cheer are proud to say that we are founded, coached, and supported by volunteers. These volunteers stand behind and follow the organization’s mission statement.

Proud Affiliate of the Park Ridge Park District

The Park Ridge Park District’s mission is to enhance Park Ridge’s quality of life by providing park and recreation opportunities for all residents while being environmentally and fiscally responsible.  Operating as an affiliate of the Park District, Park Ridge Football and Cheer provides football and cheerleading opportunities for the community and residents of the Park District.