Flag Football Program Overview & Highlights

2023 Fall Season Registration opens February 12th

– Flag coaches meeting is in August
– Team assignments will be communicated to families late August (after Aug 16)
– Practices can start the week of August 28- usually 1 or 2 days a week- day of week and time is up to the individual coach and will be communicated by them
– Coaches will distribute game shorts and jerseys at practice
– Games start the weekend after Labor Day (Sept 8)- Season ends Halloween weekend
– 8 games are played at Park Ridge parks on Saturday mornings (sometimes early afternoon) and at least one Friday night game
– Game schedules will be posted end of August/early Sept – only first half of season schedule will be posted for 3rd-8th grades, Oct schedule to be posted later in Sept for better team parity

The Park Ridge Flag Football program is committed to developing and inspiring youth athletes between the grades Pre K and 8th. We offer non-contact 7 on 7 flag football with no weight restrictions. The key sports attributes we focus on teaching are good sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, coordination, and physical fitness. 

Our main objective while providing a community-based flag football league is to ensure that all athletes get the opportunity to be a part of a youth sports program that teaches the importance of competition, work ethic, and having fun in sports. 

The coaches in this program will focus on teaching players how to be a part of an organized practice based on fundamentals and discipline. Our coaches also teach basic football strategies that will help build football IQ and an overall understanding of the game. Above winning games, coaching will concentrate on the individual player level first.

Most of all, we want everyone to have fun and to play with their neighborhood friends!

What We Teach Student-Athletes


We teach our players the importance of having respect for all players coaches and referees, as well as following all the rules. 


All our players learn and the importance of how to be a part of a team so that he or she and his or her teammates can all succeed. 


We not only teach our players the importance of hard work to improve but also that it is fun to accomplish the goals they set. 


We teach our young athletes how to be well-mannered individuals on and off the field so they represent our organization with pride.

Flag Football Program Structure

The Park Ridge Flag Football program consists of 5 divisions participating in non-contact flag football with no weight restrictions, no tryouts or drafts, and REQUIRED equal playing time and position rotations, which means ONE FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE. 

The Board acknowledges and respects that ALL PRFB Players could play Flag football thru 8th grade, and still effectively transition to high school contact football in 9th grade. While not the Board’s preferred ‘progressive’ path of Flag to Tackle, we RESPECT a Parent/Players choice and each player’s unique developmental circumstances.

* Minimum Age to participate is four (4) as of Sept 1st.

School Grade

Pre-K – K

1st – 2nd

3rd & 4th

5th & 6th

7th & 8th

Division Name

Little Demons




Future Hawks


No Limit

No Limit

No Limit

No Limit

No Limit

Football Size






Flag Football Program Details

1-3 hours per week beginning the last week of August. Practice days and times are determined by the individual coaches.

8 one hour games played in Park Ridge either Friday nights, or Saturdays beginning the first weekend after Labor Day and ending by the end of October.

*No flag games will be rescheduled if cancelled due to weather, forfeits, etc. For fun, coaches can scrimmage the following the week, but no refs will be provided

Games played against other Park Ridge teams.

All players will play a variety of offensive/defensive positions and should play at least half of every game.

Park Ridge Football provides each player with a game jersey and pocket-less shorts, which are yours to keep. Each individual player is responsible for providing and using a mouth guard and cleats. Gloves are optional.

Flag coaches will be given more advanced equipment to help them as either a first-year or seasoned coach prepare their team effectively and safely for the season – and years beyond it.

The coaches will have the necessary flag belts, equipment, and balls required to play the game.

Park Ridge Flag Football Players in Action

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