Preparing for Spirit Cheer Tryouts

The SPIRIT ENTRANCE is not an easy section of a cheerleading tryout. Its execution is somewhat hard as compared to the other skills performing during tryouts. Candidates taking part in the tryouts are not much familiar with the SPIRITING section in normal situations. In fact, a Spirit Cheer tryout is an experimental performance and the candidate is expected to shout in the same manner as if she is demonstrating before an actual audience in cheerleading. However, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind as DO’s and Don’ts while SPIRITING during tryouts. It means what you should and shouldn’t do when preparing for cheer tryouts. During practice, the candidates perform their steps without a crowd. In the absence of the crowd, performers feel differently. A standard tryout includes a lot of learning skills such as cheers, moving from side to side while smiling, yelling, jumping, kicking, and tumbling. In this respect, many steps require proper coordination amongst performers. Therefore, to demonstrate proper coordination regarding continuous movement, candidates must have the ability to organize themselves for smooth and efficient performance.

Improved coordination makes moving easier and more enjoyable, and because of requisite balance. Moving more harmoniously also reduces wear and tear on joints and tissues. Consequently these things especially coordination and organization must be put into practice otherwise candidates would face a lot of difficulties in their performance. Keeping in mind the aforesaid things, you need to concentrate on a few DO’s and DON’Ts during cheer tryouts.

No Split During Tryout Entrance:

Primarily, you have to avoid splits during tryout entrance. As a matter of fact, doing splits, in the beginning, seems embarrassing and unpleasant. Because it changes the entire situation. Moreover, it can be harmful all of sudden and might result in the discontinuation of performance. Such kind of splits during tryout entrance might have been a feature in the 70s. However, this is not advisable these days. Instead, the candidates should work on their other body movement practices especially flexibility. A cheerleader is supposed to possess great flexibility to carry out jumps and stunts. Thus, the swift body movements enable you to perform without getting hurt. Accordingly, appropriate training is required for getting in shape and flexible. This helps reduce the stress on your muscles and enhances performance level.

Failed Tumbling:

The tumbling depends on more strength and expertise than other skills throughout cheer tryouts. If you are lacking in ability due to insufficient training or practice, it would be better to avoid tumbling. If you want to attempt tumbling you will have to increase the volume of training. This type of skill requires a lasting power that comes with regular practice. Moreover, it is too unpleasant to see a failed tumbling. Before you attempt the tumbling, you should undergo a necessary learning process. 

Keep your catchphrases light and upbeat:

While supporting your team as a cheerleader, you should keep away from using harsh expressions during a match. Expressions like “make ‘em’ bleed”, or “ kill em “ are unduly and shocking for the judges. Such types of phrases don’t suit a team player. To buck up your team as a cheerleader, you need to use encouraging phrases acceptable to all. In this connection, the phrases like “Go Fight Win”, “We are number 1” are more than welcome for bolstering the team morale.

Crash and Burn:

While performing in cheer tryouts do not fall awkwardly on the other candidates. For the purpose of joint practice as regards tumbling, you need to be extra cautious to avoid any accident. Successful execution of the joint tumbling, skill needs a lot of practice. 

Is she trying to do a leap?

Candidates are to avoid jumps and high kicks during cheer tryouts while passing sideways. Most of the time, the candidates keep spiriting cheer tryouts inside, which is an awkward and uncomfortable act for everyone.