Shared Values Among Youth Football Coaches and Athletes

We (Park Ridge Football & Cheer) teach our youth athletes critical lessons, such as sportsmanship, teamwork, work ethic, and respect.  We realize that we all approach life differently, but we try to hold our Board and our coaches to a set of shared values and standards above reproach. Of course, all of us are fallible and make mistakes, but we strive for our best selves.

We want to boost each child’s self-esteem and confidence by helping them find what they are best at on the field or gym floor.  We want all of our athletes to do great things, over time, in different ways, and sometimes in competing or supporting roles.  We encourage each child to set high personal goals, work hard, and reach their full potential. Your child should be able compete for the position they want, win or lose it based on merit, and take pride in giving it all.

We know that youth football coaches will sometimes play their favorites. It can very subjective and difficult to understand their motives, but we highly encourage our volunteer coaches to play athletes who best possess attitudes and behaviors such as leadership, competitiveness, enthusiasm, and positive impact on their teammates.

When a child consistently exhibits these values, the Park Ridge Falcons football coaches will undoubtedly favor them over others. Sometimes even past their current skill levels, which they may simply grow into during high school. This approach over the past 50 years have served our community very well.  To help each coach, player, and our overall program, we’ve partnered with USA Football.  As a registered member, our coaches are trained and provided a tremendous amount of coaching resources.