The BGYFL, of which we are member, offers the following 6 levels of play based on player age (noting the August 1 birthday cut-off).

1. 8U (introductory level, generally 2nd/3rd graders, must not have turned 9 years old by August 1) – Park Ridge will not allow 2nd graders to play, child needs to be in 3rd grade)- Park Ridge generally fields one 8U/9U combined team
2. 9U (generally 4th graders, must not have turned 10 years old by August 1)
3. 10U (generally 5th graders, much not have turned 11 years old by August 1)
4. 11U (generally 6th graders, must not have turned 12 years old by August 1)
5. JV/12U (generally 7th graders, must not have turned 13 years old by August 1)
6. Varsity/14U (generally 8th graders, must not be enrolled in high school)

Within each age level of play, the BGYFL offers three divisions: Gold Division 1, Gold Division 2, and Silver. All divisions offer a highly competitive travel tackle football experience. As a result, teams may be split based on the number of players per age level, at which time they will go through an evaluation process. This evaluation process and the assignment of each player to a specific team will be dependent upon a variety of factors, including: athletic and football ability, tackle football experience, player size and aggressiveness, player and family commitment, and the position needs of each team.

All players are different in terms of skill, experience and physical development. That’s why it is important at the youth football level to build teams with players of similar abilities. During Evaluation Week, each player will be tested and evaluated on speed, strength, agility and aggressiveness, as well as football skills. Each day, the coaches will begin by running the players through some warm up exercises. Then players will be divided up and coaches will observe them as they perform various football drills. Contact will begin on the third night of evaluations and will be a controlled, gradual process. Care will be taken to match players of like size and ability during contact drills. Each player will be weighed and asked to select the top 2 positions of their choice on either offense, defense, or special teams. League will provide coaches and independent evaluators that will objectively grade each player at each session. Rob Leach will be provided all evaluation forms at the end of each progressive evaluation session.

If there are multiple Falcons teams within a level, your player will be placed on a team by the coaching staff at the applicable level. Only (1) Gold D1 team will be fielded at each Level, but there can be (1) or more Silver teams at each level. Team sizes can range from 13 players up to 26 players (the league maximum, although waivable with league approval).

The player team placement decisions will be made by the coaches at their specific age levels and are deemed final. We cannot honor any requests for a certain coach or teammate. There is no guarantee that a child will play with the same coach or at the same level year over year.

If you register and we end up not fielding a team at specific age level/division, you will receive a full refund.

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