As with all competitive contact sports, there is risk of injury, specifically including concussions. The health and safety of our Falcon Travel Football participants is our top priority. As part of our commitment to safety, our plan currently includes:

1) BGYFL contracts with athletic trainers with a goal of having a trainer at every game if possible.

2) We follow a Concussion Protocol. We have independent field managers at every game watching for potential concussions. A copy of our Concussion Protocol is posted to our website prior to the start of each season.

3) We are a participating member organization of USA Football, as is each member franchise of the BGYFL. Our participation requires each of our football coaches to take and pass a comprehensive certification course. The key health and safety components of USA Football’s youth platform are (1) concussion recognition and response, (2) heat preparedness and hydration, (3) sudden cardiac arrest, (4) equipment fitting, (5) contact limitations, and (6) tackling/blocking techniques. Our participation also provides us and our coaches access to a great deal of news, information and data on the sport of football and safety. Additional information about USA Football and its youth football platform can be found at

4) We research the latest in Helmet technology and address our helmet purchases, reconditioning and certification based upon that research.

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